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After being told "there is nothing we can do" and "I'm sorry that's just our policy" one too many times, we started PublikDemand to help consumers get what they want. Post your complaint and we will make sure your voice will be heard.

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Examples of PublikDemand in action

Elizabeth McCormack vs. Sprint

I never received my $100 credit

Elizabeth had numerous problems with service on her wireless phone including limited range and dropped calls. She was promised a $100 credit in July, but never received it due to a mysterious "glitch." Elizabeth used PublikDemand and Sprint responded to her issue directly.

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Matt Spaccarelli vs. AT&T

Stop Throttling "Unlimited" Data Plans

AT&T started slowing down data service for consumers who used over 1.5 gigabytes per month on their "unlimited" data plan. By using PublikDemand, Matt Spaccarelli was able to pressure AT&T into changing their policy and increasing the data throttling limit to 3 gigabytes.

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Ian Briggs vs. Comcast

Cease support of the ALEC

Ian used PublikDemand to demonstrate his opposition to Comcast being a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council. Ian stated that a "partnership you have with ALEC is unhealthy for our democracy and unhealthy for the consumers, such as myself, who purchase your products."

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