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PublikDemand and Twilio Working Together to Stop Bad Customer Service

PublikDemand and Twilio are teaming up to ensure better customer service experiences for everyone. Twilio is a cloud communications company in San Francisco that powers PublikDemand’s hotlines. With these hotlines, users can call in to create complaints which PublikDemand seeks to resolve.

It’s a multi-step process and PublikDemand takes every available action to ensure user satisfaction. They let you know how to best file a complaint and use social media to gather public support while at the same time pressuring companies to respond.

Calling into to complain isn’t the only way to get your voice heard through PublikDemand. The free service also allows customers to post complaints online through PublikDemand’s website. Users can then take their post and publish it on the internet. To make complaining even easier, PublikDemand will soon allow users to create complaints via text message with a service called Text 2 Complain.

Featuring the site on its blog, Twilio described one of PublikDemand’s success stories against Sprint. The wireless provider promised Elizabeth McCormack $100 in credit she never received. After posting a complaint on PublikDemand, Sprint responded to her directly and the issue was resolved.

Do you have a gripe with a company? Post on PublikDemand today and let your voice be heard.