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Latest consumer news

Report Says American and US Airways Merger Will Reduce Competition

Reported by The New York Times—According to a report from the Government Accountability Office, a planned merger between American Airlines and US Airways will greatly reduce competition in airports, even more that previous airline mergers.

The report states that 1,665 routes between cities would lose one ... Read the full post

Bank of America Employees Rewarded for Foreclosing Homes and Lying to Homeowners

Reported by ProPublica—According to statements from former employees, Bank of America lied to homeowners requesting loan modifications and denied applications for false reasons. Employees even received special compensation for foreclosing homes.

These statements were filed last week as part of a class action lawsuit against Bank of America. ... Read the full post

Comcast Charges Man for Equipment He Already Owns

Reported by Kokomo Perspective—Chad McCarter recently found out that Comcast is charging him for equipment he purchased roughly two years ago. A loyal customer for several years, McCarter decided to call the company to resolve the issue.

Comcast told McCarter that someone would eventually talk to him about ... Read the full post